Wednesday, August 18, 2010


OK, So I mean I knew, like most of you, but still i am sooo glad its offical! Here we come superbowl! GO VIKINGS!
i had to ad this pix just keep the Vikings spirit going!(and no i dont know how to fix the pix, after i already posted it!)


Ok this is pointless but i have to write about it... So i am NOT an "Americas got talent" fan, nor do i usually watch TV at that time, but the other night i had to clean on my house so i was watching at it.. thinking; " this is sooo gay!" so then this lil 10yr old girl get up on stage and states she watched "Phantom of the Opera" and started singing opera (Or whatever opera singing is called).. I was like; " right, you weigh 30lbs".. Ok she started singing, and literally she is a FREAK of nature! I'm sorry i know that is harsh, but it was weird she was soo good!!! Seriously watch it on YOutube jackie evancho! CRAZINESS!

Lost pride

So, this is totally not in order, Heathers wedding is the most important but when typing it didnt turn out!! Anyway!! OK, so I really stink with the pictures this time, but i promise i will post them soon. Ok well, the last two weeks we have had company everyday except two, not gotten sleep and ran wild. But its been fun. All at the same time it was all the armature rodeos in the valley, with a week long Homedale rodeo, and Heathers wedding! While attending Heathers wedding i showed up like a whipped dog. The night before i was up at the New Plymouth rodeo, which just happens to be the county fair for the County i work for, so everyone that i work with was attending! Anyway, i reached a personal low....... Thursday night i had stated that i think i had been humbled enough and there was nothing left!! ........Never say that, because thats when you realize you can reach lower than you thought possible! So anyway I'm up in the perf, with all the people i know there.
My mare is kinda rotten, i get to the fence after my run............... and APPARENTLY ( i dont remember) she reared up and whirled around and i must have been leaned up over her, she then reversed and came back the other way and SMACKED me in the face with her head at a pretty rapid pace... when i came to i was sitting in the arena with blood on my face, and the judges running toward me............As i am thinking this through i think; " I dont fall off!!!............HOLY SH&T i just fell off in the barrel racing!!! ......IN A RODEO!!!! ....................DO NOT TOUCH ME! I AM FINE!!!!!!" i then leap, or stagger- whatever, to my feet hurry out the gate as to save the poor mans life whom is trying to hold my mare, and disappeared into the darkness to nurse my pride! Sad that i was thankful i was bleeding, seemed that i wasnt as much of a BARREL RACER that way!! So i attened heathers wedding with a headache, cut lip, swollen nose, and most of all hurt pride!

Heathers Married! Congrates!

Mom and dad and i drove Saturday morning to meet Heather, Hoke and kids with his family to drive to mesa falls where they got married. The above pix is the falls and right about where they were married. It turned out to be a great wedding and we are very happy for her and Hoke. We then all stayed close by in very nice cabin! It was a great trip and beautiful country! I will post more pix later when i have them of the actual wedding!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Tourist in Joseph

( ok so I know that as you guys read this of our CJD weekend it is backwards, but most of you know thats how i think by now rt?)
So we weren't ready to let the weekend slip away Sunday of CJD. So we had breakfast (at 10 am), and then wondered our way to the lake. Tex, Bobbi, Lee and I. We went swimming and then decided, well we needed to eat again! LOL SO we decide to ride the tram to the top of Mt Howard, half way up and tex having some anxiety figures out that we are over the weight limit!LOL surprisingly we still made it up! We hiked around, i forget how amazing and breathtaking the mountains are! We then had a great lunch and safely made it back down the mountain, to sadly end our weekend! Yes i am well aware that in the pix, in my dirty white trash wife beater and turquoise swim suit really makes me look classy!

First Kiddie Parade

So, I was the choreographer for the the CJD Kiddies parade... my main theme was; "WE'RE GONNA WIN"! well.... we didnt, we got thrid actually- sorry suckers for judges!
But still i think for our virgin experience, and considering i may have felt a lil hungover -we did pretty well! I not only got Jaycees smiling lil face out, but a nice lil Favre support in the public eye too (you know we made the Chieftain [local paper]). So i get all our outfitt's , Lotta drives the gator 20mph 3 miles to town down the highway with 150 cars annoyed and backed up behind her. We get there we get dressed,Kara has video camera in hand!! and realized no one has registered (10 minuted before go time) so we walk up to the signup all dressed in our Jerseys smiles on our faces .. because " we're gonna win" and they look at us like ; "you have to be under 15 to be in the parade". And we sign our names and they then say " whose the under 15yr old that is going to drive the gator?"................UH HELLLLOOOOO Jaycees 2 and Lotta and i were the ringers!So we throw a fit and it does no good! SO we steal a kid from behind the sign up table! And we are back in business!
Even though Amy and i didnt quite get our time to shine, we were lucky to have Logan, as our driver and her and Jaycee did great!!! SO did max and Busch (dogs). WE SHOULDVE WON!